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From Xerox To Infinity-Copy Right? Wrong!

Almost all music is distributed today in digital, rather than analog, thanks to itunes  Back in analog days, music insisted on being triaged  by a record label,  and produced in commercial  recording studios where musicians were  often backed up by large symphonic orchestras.

In France this week, I met with Legendary Record Producer Jean Claude Pierric, who showed me  his  albums, a  catalog of 2000 plus Jazz Funk  hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Like the Beatles, JC resisted the allure of digital downloads, instead selling old-fashioned compact discs  after remastering his  catalog. Of course, his songs still made their way to digital. Many hip hop artists are "inspired" by his  sound(s).

As Picasso once said, Good artists copy, great artists steal. Make the call- Do these two sound alike? Are The Beat Nuts GR8!

Jean Claude Pierric 70z funk Black Night

Rappers Beat Nuts 90's Muchacha Heist version



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